EstateBee Rebrand

EstateBee came to me wanting to rebrand and redesign their existing website. EstateBee sell online legal documents (wills, trusts, powers of attorney) that are exclusively focused on estate planning. Users will be able to create legal documents online and buy legal forms and books through the website.

The brief was to create an engaging, customer focussed website. The website was split into two parts. The first focussed on the online document section of the website. I created an online system that housed all the elements required and designed a few pages in order for the developers to see the look a feel of the system. The second stage focussed on the remaining pages of the website. This included different homepage designs for the UK, Ireland and US versions of the website.

After designing the website I also designed emails, book covers and elements of the legal forms.



EstateBee Home Screen
EstateBee Homepages
EstateBee Web Pages
EstateBee Mobile Screens
EstateBee book covers